March 21, 2013. After an exhausting bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City I finally arrived in Dalat in the late afternoon. The temperature there was much cooler than in the lowland. The town itself is on 1500 meters altitude and has a very mild climate for southern Vietnam. In the evening I was tired of the day and not in the mood to book a motorbike tour. Instead of planning I had dinner with a Russian lady I accidentally met in front of a restaurant. By the way the food was very delicious and they also served local red wine!

Easy Rider Vietnam Tour – Day 1: Dalat – Buon Ma Thout

Vietnam, Central Highlands - Around DalatAround 10 pm after dinner I decided to book the tour. I had a short way because the office was next to the restaurant. It was already late but I could enter the headquarters before closing. A guy called Quang was still there and told me that all riders are booked out the next day. Well, for me that was fine. Quang recommended me a tour in the central highlands which takes 2 nights / 3 days after I explained him what I want to see. The first day was around Dalat to Buan Ma Thout, stay a night there. Next day see some waterfalls and driving to Lak Lake, stay another night in a resort and on the last day visit some hilltribe-villages. My plan was to drive to the coast then, so it was also a good way to travel. As my luggage is just a backpack so it is easy to attach that thing on the back of the motorcycle. Quang told me, that he has already a guest the next day but he would prefer to drive with me for three days. So he could ask his manager if he can drive his guest tomorrow and then he will do this trip with me in the morning! That was cool!!

The next day on Friday March 22, Quang picked me up at my hotel and we were heading to some of the best coffee plantations in Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee is very strong, has a bit of chocolate flavour and you should enjoy it slowly. First time I tried the Weasel coffee which is more bitter than other brands and much more expensive (around US$ 2.50 for a cup). If you consider how it is made (a weasel eats the beans first, before roasting) than you know why it is so expensive. After that we went to a silk farm where you can see the production of silk from the cocoon to the cloth. Driving with a guide on a motorbike is probably the best way to explore the country. It is comfortable on the back, you even can lean on and you don’t have to worry about traffic. Quang was driving safely. An advantage is also that you stop at restaurants you never would see. As we spent a lot of time around Dalat we stopped for a late lunch. The local food on the countryside is exceptional! The distance to Buon Ma Thout was still more than 100 km. It was getting dark when we arrived at our destination and I was extremely tired and without enough energy to do anything else than having a nap. RELAXATION ONE HOUR.

Quang suggested to visit his relatives which have a restaurant in town. We took a taxi and went to that place. It was exactly what I expected: an authentic local place. We ordered Pork BBQ which was served on a hot-pot with coal fire and of course local Saigon beer. Additionally we had a curry with potatoes.

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