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Passionate Traveler. Communicator. Coffee Junkie. Social Worker. Internet Enthusiast.

Dear visitor! My name is Chris and I am living in Switzerland. Back in 2003 I traveled Thailand for my first time and was simply excited. Five years later I went back to this amazing country in combination with Laos. On that journey I felt in love with the people and their culture. In the following years I have traveled Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia and recently Vietnam in 2013. Nowadays tourism is developing fast in many so-called newly industrialised countries and it is getting harder to find origin places and discover great places to travel.

How to find great places to travel?

I created Asia Travelnotes with the idea being a special resource for each traveler who want to explore places in South East Asia which are barely tapped or still under-developed for tourism. Furthermore I want to give you impressions and information about the people and culture. I would be glad if you can get me some reply in my Travel Blog. As German is my native language I hope you get along with my writing style.