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Asia Travelnotes has the goal to provide you ideas and inspiration for your trip to Asia. Encouraged to explore great places and cultures in South East Asia which are barely tapped or still under-developed for tourism I want to share my experiences. People – Culture and Food will be the main content of this website. I would be glad if you can get me some reply in my blog.


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Hi there, people from all over the world! Finally my first blog entry! It took me some time to build this site and time is rare. Actually to organize myself and stick on a plan was the biggest challenge and […]

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March 21, 2013. After an exhausting bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City I finally arrived in Dalat in the late afternoon. The temperature there was much cooler than in the lowland. The town itself is on 1500 meters altitude […]

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March 23, 2013. After a relaxing sleep and a rich breakfast in Buan Ma Thout, Easy Rider Quang and me went on with the motorcycle. “Today it is going to be easy, less kilometres to drive than yesterday”, Quang promised […]

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